Relais des Mobilités Inclusives

Collaborative cluster to make better mobility and accessibility for all

What does inclusive mobility mean ?

It means that everybody has equal conditions and capacities of mobility and accessibility. Reasearchers have to find and analyse all the obstacles that people faces daily in their mobility. They have to find sustainable solutions for everyone.

'' Make a mobility for all
and by all

'' 5 international clusters
working together for better mobility.

Relais des Mobilités Inclusives

The Relais des Mobilités Inclusives reunites 5 international clusters to work on mobility solutions. It is an open and collaborative structure. Everyone around the world is invited to work with us to provide new solutions of inclusive mobility.

Our mission

We help projects for inclusive mobility solutions. We provide awareness, help for design and knowledge exchange

thanks to our international network of public and private partners.

Our partners

The support by the Relais is based on an important network of partners around the world.


Schools and Universities


Local authorities



The Relais des Mobilités Inclusives leads everyday actions to contribute to the improvement of mobility and accessibility for all...