Relais des Mobilités Inclusives

Collaborative cluster to make better mobility and accessibility for all

What does inclusive mobility mean ?

Acting in favor of inclusive mobility means understand the daily obstacles, and bring concrete and lasting solutions of mobility for all. The purpose is to favor innovative solutions of mobility, especially individual solutions, that will give a better accessibility for all, particularly for the most fragile ones who need access to adapted transport services with reasonable costs.

'' Make a mobility for all
& by all

'' 5 international clusters
working together for better mobility.

Relais des Mobilités Inclusives

The Relais des Mobilités Inclusives is a platform gathering 5 academic clusters working on mobility around the world. Open and collaborative structure, its purpose is to become :

  • a world-standing hub of innovation, testing, formation and awareness around new shapes of urban mobility.

  • a place of interaction between users and makers of mobility solutions : engineers, entrepreneurs, local authorities, industrials, laboratories...

  • a structure to efficiently act on urban mobility, environmental accessibility, and mobility assistance solutions for aged and/or disabled people.

Discover the Relais des Mobilités Inclusives with a short video...

Our mission

Help projects of inclusive and innovative mobility solutions for awareness, design and knowledge exchange

by taking them into an international network of public and private partners.

Our partners

The support by the Relais is based on an important network of partners around the world.


Several companies share their resources and knowledge about mobility and accessibility and their networks help the projects supported by the Relais.

Schools & Universities

World known institutes join the Relais and participate to projects of research, teaching and spread of the knowledge..


Entrepreneurs with pioneering projects find a national and international accompagnying thanks to the partners' network of the Relais des Mobilités.

Local authorities

Fundamental partners for supporting projects and full-scale experiments, local authorities are leading partners of the Relais.


Structures that often are the start point of innovative mobility solutions, several associations help the Relais' partners to point the most important mobility issues.


The Relais leads LivingLab type actions for awareness, experiments and focus group to collect and analyse the users' feedback on new mobility solutions.

Everyday, the Relais des Mobilités Inclusives leads actions to contribute to the improvement of mobility and accessibility for all...